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Sunday, October 2, 2011

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Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) vs Lionel Messi (Barcelona)
Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) vs Lionel Messi (Barcelona)
Rooney and Messi News | Rooney and Messi Latest News | Rooney and Messi News Now | Rooney and Messi Pictures and Wallpaper | Rooney and Messi  Photos | 2011-2012
Rooney is better than Messi, i will tell you why .....

1. Rooney and Messi both have a brilliant dribbling ability correct.
Messi is quick and has fast reaction. Rooney is strong and fast paced as well, but Messi takes the medal for speed. But i believe strength and speed are both important factors when talking about dribbling. To me they are equal along with the fact Rooney is in a tougher league the La Liga.

2. Rooney's work rate, out does Messi.
I'm not saying Messi doesn't work hard, but Rooney's boots are tattered and his heart is racing after every game, he is a work horse. Better work rate over Messi.

3. Rooney has versatility.
I've seen him play at right back before haha Messi wouldn't be able to do that surely and word among the players Rooney is actually a decent keeper.

4. Rooney is complete!! Compare Barca with United.
I'm a massive United fan love them..but realistically Barca have a team FULL of Marquee players. Manchester United don't. We work well as a team though, great as a team. But put Messi in a team without Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets, Fabregas, Villa and see how he does. Rooney sometimes single handedly wins us games (last year against Chelsea in the Champions League) he carved them to shreds.

They are 4 out of other possible reasons why Rooney should be considered better than Messi. Messi has a team full of great players and they are all marquee..wanted by many clubs. I am not saying Messi is like an average player, i think he is brilliant, a freak but Rooney hould be considered alongside him. Rooney's work is shadowed by Barca's team of celebrities.

I know many of you will oppose but it's my view, you may also give me a name saying me wannabe. i don't care, as freedom of speech is guaranteed in our country.

source of facebook

How do you think about Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) vs Lionel Messi (Barcelona)?

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